Tuesday, 18 October 2011

beautiful pictures

Looking cool

Photo and caption by Erik Mandre
A wintertime can be very difficult for Roe Deer`s, especially when there is a lot of snow as it has been here in Estonia for two past winters. Unfortunately Roe Deer`s population in Estonia has decresed significantly due to those harsh winters. This young Roe Buck still looks healthy and it was heartbreaking to see how he enjoyed those dried plant stems which ranged from a thick layer of snow. For a moment Roe Buck looked very cool with a stem in its mouth. I observed this animal about two hours lying in the snow, so as not to attract his attention to me, which would scare him away.
Photo Location
Estonia, Harju County

Love of Parents

Photo and caption by anna possi
The emperor penguins fight for survival and to protect their only baby in the frozen Antarctic ice desert. Canon 1Ds Mark III Canon EF 500 mm L
Photo Location
Antarctica: Atka Bay, Weddell Sea

Flesh and Bones

Photo and caption by Amirhassan Farokhpour
In a world where no one understands the importance of nature, all that is left of our nature is just these flesh & bones.
Photo Location
Toronto, Canada

Night time Hammerhead

Photo and caption by Raul Boesel
Curious hammerhead at dusk
Photo Location
Cat Key, Bahamas

Catch of the Day

Photo and caption by Mark Davies
A Jabiru Stork juggles a fish that it has scooped up from the river in his bill
Photo Location
Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia


Photo and caption by Lalith Ekanayake
Yala National park of Sri Lanka is best known for leopards, but of course very difficult to get them in action. This is one of the well grown three cubs got excited and started jumping between branches. I got it against the light within fraction of a second.
Photo Location
Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

An ardent singer

Photo and caption by Erik Mandre
Eurpoean Starling is known to us as a harbinger of spring. They arrive to Estonia very early in March, sometimes even before the spring starts. Mornings at that time can be sometimes quite cold, especially when sun is rising. I had a luck to capture Starling singing in a contralight conditions and once singing was so ardent that it left breath fumes in the air for a second or two, which I was able to capture in this picture.
Photo Location
Estonia, Harju County

The dark side of the Kalahari

Photo and caption by Hannes Lochner
I have been trying to follow a leopard with cubs for the last year, and spend a lot of nights with them. She has no tracking device, so when I find her I try to stay with her as long as possible. On this particular evening a brown hyena stole her kill ( a springbok ) and was sitting on a rock ledge with the moon rising behind her. I lit her eyes up with a torch to make it a bit more mysterious.
Photo Location
Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa

March of the Coots

Photo and caption by Andrew George
The winter at the start of 2010 was one of the first strong ones in years again in The Netherlands. The lake in the local park in Eindhoven was almost completely frozen. It just had snowed. Perfect conditions to photograph these black Coots in contrast with the white snow. I’d observed the Coots for a couple of days already. I’d shot a whole series of photos. All of a sudden I saw the scene I was looking for. They formed a group and started to walk back to the hole in the ice to go back in the water. While they where walking the scene reminded me of the film “March of the Penguins”.
Photo Location
Park Ekkerswijer, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands

Proud Mother

Photo and caption by Cam Kaupp
Mumma wandered out of a cave with her little one in pursuit. She noticed us and stopped. Erected to her full height, and just as the little one bumped it's head into mum... 'click'
Photo Location
Galapagos Islands


Photo and caption by Matthew Sage
a beautiful day in september
Photo Location
Hanging Lake Colorado

Lion/crocodile interaction

Photo and caption by anthony Goldman
A crocodile encountered a lion cub of the Cheema pride at a buffalo kill that the lions were eating on for 2 days and attacked the cub.The 3 lionesses of the pride came to the rescue of the cub and a fight between the lionesses and the crocodile then took place with the lionesses surprisingly over powering the crocodile and killing it !!
Photo Location
Duba Plains, Okavango Delta,Botswana,Africa

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