Saturday, 22 October 2011

aktiviti hujung minggu (KLCC-midvalley)

before heading out to bazaar Vintage. we have gathered at the KLCC. this time, only three of us alone together. that me, Corax and Faizul (we call her name is nenek. weird? but that Faizul a.k.a nenek). others, some are back home, and work on Saturday...
we dine in the restaurant LACUCUR KLCC... lunch there.
We also watch the show free action of a motorcycle...very interesting to see their action.

berjalan riang menuju ke jualan vintage ;-)

aksi menarik...hehehehe..nama dia arm tak tau..hehehehehe

after spending time at KLCC.. the evening,we went to MidValley Megamall. the aim is to find clothes that my friend.. Corax.
but unfortunately, he did not find the desired pants. (pants will be used for courses Maybank)
it was, we only spend time there.

although the plan has changed a whole but I feel good because it's been a long time I did not do activities like yesterday.
and also, for a long time, I do not use public transport. This time I used it.

This is part of the pictures that I capture

tu dia...lama giler arm tak naik teksi..rasanya boleh dikirangn jari berapa kali arm naik teksi seumur hidup..hehehhe..

sambil berjalan2..sambil tangkap gambar..hehehhe
acara penutup..arm makan cendol kat little penang cafe..;-)


Liyana Zahim said...

Sedap x mkn kat sni? Hehehe..

macam ku kata said...


Adylia Qarissa said...

sape yang tangkap gambar arm nie??

macam ku kata said...

adylia..kwn yg tolong tngkpkan..gilir2..heheheh

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