Saturday, 22 October 2011

aktiviti hujung minggu. (vintage festival kuala lumpur)

yesterday me and my friends went out to spend my Saturday...
'We just want to watch movies but because there are bazaars, sales in Ampang (near klcc and Pelita restaurant) we had to change plans.

Unfortunately, what is expected not to be. Bazzar VINTAGE clothing prices are very expensive and not worth it to us buy it (clothes for men). clothing for women certainly have a lot of very interesting options.
to the knowledge of all, we like to visit the bazaar sales as such. as it is affordable and many of the clothes that we can create a fashion as our tastes.
but this time what we are looking for is not interesting to us to buy it. Imagine for a pants that have been used and do not have the brand to reach RM200. compared to the boutique TOPMAN, ZARA, JASPAL and more, the price offered much cheaper. at the boutique, we will get pants that have not been used, and can pack a pretty paper bag.
antara barang yang dijual..dan yang gambar group tu ada gambar bloger fofular nurul cakap cakap dan cala man. calaman antara yang menjual..baju2 kat sini murah nak dibandingkan dengan gerai lain...baju nya agak stylo tapi sayangnya takda saiz aku...huhuhuhuh

yang ni gerai ana abu..comel orangnya...malu nak masuk gerai dia sebb semua baju untuk wanita..heheheh..dan juga gerai thr5t....
but we will support and continue to search for vintage bazaar sales like this in the future. and we hope what we find will be.

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ikan said...

yeap, siyesly attrach by vintage style . i hope i can go such event like this.

best dapat melepak dgn kawan2 .


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